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Genocide Memorial Sites

The Rwanda Genocide of 1994 has permanently scarred this beautiful country.  With the mass murder of an estimated 800,000 Tutsi people, Rwanda has a haunting past in which 10% of the population was massacred.  However, after nearly 20 years of reconciliation, the country is now one of the most stable and peaceful in Africa. 

There are several memorial sites that have been established as a reminder of the dark past.  The most touching sites are the Nyamata Memorial and the Ntarama Memorial.  During the genocides, many people gathered in Catholic Churches for protection.  The once houses of worship often became slaughterhouses.  The floor of the church at Natarama has not been completely cleaned since the brutal killings took place providing us with a reminder of the horrifying violence that took place here.

Gisozi Memorial Site is located in Kigali, Nyamata and Ntarama are located some 25 miles from Kigali.