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Ultimate Mount Kilimanjaro Series

The Ultimate Mount Kilimanjaro Series is designed for alpine trekking enthusiast who are used to trekking unassisted.  As park regulations do not allow for Unassisted trekking of Mt. Kilimanjaro, we have developed this option to reduce costs and unwanted services.  The Ultimate Mount Kilimanjaro trek not only forgoes porters that carry your kit, but it does away with many of the luxuries that are offered on our standard treks, such as a mess tent, tables, and chairs.

For the Ultimate Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking Series, E-Trip Africa provides a head guide, a small support crew, trekking tents, private toilet, cook, meals, and emergency medical equipment including oxygen.  Each trekker is responsible to carry their own kit, with the exception of tents and sleeping bags that will be carried by the skeleton crew.  Additional porters may be hired by participants to carry up to 20Kgs.

The Ultimate Mount Kilimanjaro Series is recommended only for self-sufficient climbers who regularly participate in multi-day unassisted high altitude treks.  The Ultimate Mount Kilimanjaro Series is offered on select dates for individuals wishing to join a group​, or it can be booked any day of the year, on any route, as a private trek.  Please contact with any further questions at trekking@etripafrica.com

Please note that the E-Trip Africa Ultimate Mount Kilimanjaro Trek is a type of trek designed for seasoned high atitude climbers and hikers.  The trek is offered by E-Trip Africa to our clients and has no affiliation in any way with the company called Ultimate Kilimanjaro.