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Tarangire Treetops

Tarangire Conservation Area, Tanzania

From  $500  per Person

Tarangire Treetops sits serenely in a private game reserve bordering the Tarangire National Park.  As you arrive at the Lodge, you are immediately greeted by a blaze of colour and a host of smiles all of which belong to the local Maasai tribesmen who have become part of the enchanting story that is Tarangire Treetops.

Centered about a Main Lodge - which itself encases a thousand year-old baobab tree - Tarangire Treetops comprises of 20 treehouses all of which are elevated above the ground affording views over the tops of surrounding marula and baobab trees.

I have never seen a treehouse like this, the luxury you would expect in an expensive New York City suite.  Seeing the elephants from the patio over breakfast was worth every penny.    ---      Bob, August 2012

The uniqueness of Tarangire Treetops makes up for the few things that are not quite perfect.  The quality of the accommodations and food are exactly what they should be, however the service was not up to par.  While the staff was friendly, they did not really make you feel welcome.      ---      Evelyn H., February 2012

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