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Gombe National Park

Gombe is the smallest of Tanzania’s National Parks.  The fragile strip of chimpanzee habitat straddles steep slopes and river valleys along the Northern shore of Lake Tanganyika.  The chimpanzees were made famous by the pioneering work of Dr. Jane Goodall, who founded the behavioral research program to study the chimpanzees in Gombe.

No scientific expertise is required to distinguish between the individual pants, hoot, and screams that define the different member of the troop.  Other primates, particularly olive baboons, red colobus, and red-tailed monkey are commonly found in the park, along with some 200 species of birds. 

The 20 sq. miles that make up Gombe National park can be found 10 miles North of Kigoma along Tanzania’s Western border.  The park is most accessible by scheduled flights to Kigoma followed by a one hour drive.