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Uganda, The Pearl of Africa ...

With both dense African forests and vast African savannah, Uganda offers visitors the best of both worlds.  The smallest of the four African countries in which more than 1,000 bird species have been recorded, along with an incomparable variety of primates, create a perfect Eco-tourism destination.  The plethora of national parks and reserves remain highly accessible and relatively affordable for even those on limited budgets and the relaxed intimate atmosphere of the country have converted Uganda to one of the premier Safari destinations.

Find out more information about Uganda's geography, climate, populations, ethnicity, politics, religion, and economy.

Explore Uganda's 10 National Parks, 13 Wildlife Reserves and 8 Wildlife Sanctuaries.  With 24 281 sq miles of protected areas, over 26% of Uganda's terretory is protected in one form or another.

Essential information about traveling in Uganda.  Our experts tell you everything you need to know to insure that you are prepared for your great adventure.

Travel like an expert, with Tips from the experts.  Our Travel Tips have been designed to help you make the most of your vacation and more importantly experience safe and hassle-free travels.

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