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Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda’s most visited site, Volcanoes National Park, was originally established to protect the Mountain Gorillas in 1925, making it the first National Park established in Africa.  Today it is home to over 300 Mountain Gorillas.

Many visitors come to remember Diane Fossey and the impact she had on saving the Gorillas from extinction.  She is buried in the park in a grave close to her research station among the gorillas which became her life.

While the Mountain Gorillas and Golden Monkeys are the primary draw to the park, one should not overlook the other exciting wildlife and landscapes of the park.    Visitors can also climb one of the several volcanoes located in the park.

The 61 sq. miles that make up Volcanoes National Park can be found 65 miles West of Kigali and can be reached by car (1 ½ hours).  

Volcanoes NP Accommodations