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Tanzania, Authentic Africa...

Located just south of the equator, Tanzania is the lesser traveled neighbor of Kenya.  Tanzania’s landscapes are alive with primal grandeur.  The volcanoes, salt lakes, tropical islands, and savannah plains provide the perfect playground for the most adventurous traveler.  Elephants, lions, rhinos, zebras, hyenas, giraffes, antelopes, hippos are just some examples of the rich wildlife that combine with a reputation of political stability to positions Tanzania as one of the fastest growing Safari destinations.

Find out more information about Kenya’s geography, climate, populations, ethnicity, politics, religion, and economy. 

Explore Tanzania’s 16 National Parks, 7 Game Reserves and Conservation Areas, and 2 Marine parks.  The 17,900 sq miles of National Parks combine with Game Reserves and Conservation Areas to officially protect, in one form or another, nearly one-third of Tanzania’s total territory.

Essential information about traveling in Tanzania.  Our experts tell you everything you need to know to insure that you are prepared for your great adventure.

Travel like an expert, with Tips from the experts.  Our Travel Tips have been designed to help you make the most of your vacation and more importantly experience safe and hassle-free travels.

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