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Kakamega Forest

The Kakamega Forest is a small patch of rainforest that was isolated around 100 years ago by wide scale cultivation of the lands around the Forest.  This isolated micro-environment has become an interesting case study for scientists whom observe isolated environment when they are cut off from their large bodies.  The dense tropical rainforest is home to many creatures that are not found anywhere else in East Africa because similar habitat no longer exists.

The forest is haven for some 300 species of birds, 7 species of primates, and butterflies.  Nearly 45 percent of all the butterfly species found in Kenya can be identified in this forest.  With a strong light, you may catch a glimpse of bushbabies, palm civets, genets, tree pangolins, flying squirrels,  or even a potto.

Unfortunately, today the remaining forest is a mere 88 sq. miles.  Located in between Kisumu and Eldoret, Kakamega is accessible by car (10 hours from Nairobi) or by scheduled flights from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to either Kisumu or Eldoret followed by about 1 hour of ground transportation.

Kakamega Accommodations