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Mount Kilimanjaro Weather Conditions

One thing constant with High Altitude Trekking is the fact that weather conditions can turn abruptly.  Kilimanjaro however, normally is quite mild with her rapid weather changes when compared to other high peaks.  Thus, to date our clients and crew have never had to abandon an expedition to the summit due to dangerous weather conditions.

With years of experience our Mountain Guides have learned to listen to the mountain and they have become quite accurate at predicting the weather forecast from day to day.  This helps the guide to inform you of what to keep in your day pack.  Obviously, this is not an exact science, so you should always be prepared for random showers to spring up from time to time.

Additionally, to ensure that our team is never caught off guard, our Arusha office monitors Kilimanjaro Weather Forecasts and provides updates to our guides twice a day.  As you will see, forecasting the weather of such a high free standing peak can be rather complicated.   Using the resources available, along the keen instinct of our guides, we are rather accurate these days.

Kilimanjaro 5 Day Forecast at 10,000 Feet

Kilimanjaro 5 Day Forecast at 14,800 Feet

Kilimanjaro 5 Day Forecast at 19,300 Feet

Current Kili Base Weather


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