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Lake Victoria

Spread over nearly 27,000 sq miles, Lake Victoria, the source of the White Nile, is possible the most important geographic feature of East Africa.  However, few visitors actually take the time to visit this majestic lake.  The humid shores hide some of the most beautiful and rewarding parts of East Africa. 

The shallow waters of the lake bring Hippo, Nile Monitor, Otter, and a plethora of bird life.  With hundreds of small islands along the shores of the lake, it is not difficult to find a secluded place.  Many locations along the lake offer a variety of water activities and sport fishing.  The introduced Nile Perch can grow up to 400 lbs. 

Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda all have claim to a part of Lake Victoria’s waterways.  In Kenya, the lake shore around Mbita point is our recommended place to visit the lake, in Tanzania, Musoma makes for a relaxing visit.  For adventurers, Jinja in Uganda is the best option for visiting the lake. 

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