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Mailisita Foundation Challenge Climbers

Meet the people that will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on behalf of the Mailisita Foundation.

Dan & Brian Coughlin

Brian and Dan first traveled to Tanzania 5 years ago to help the Mailisita Foundation build the school and guest house.  They quickly fell in love with the people and have been dedicated to the project ever since.

Dave is a 58 year old retired father of 4 and grandfather of 2.  He made his first trip to Tanzania in 2008, where he assisted the foundation in building the first set of classrooms and the Stella Maris Lodge.  He has since returned three times to work on the project.  Kilimanjaro is often in his mind and he is excited to finally get the opportunity to trek to the top, and for what better cause then supporting the education of disadvantaged youth.

Jonathan is an organic chemist, who has a son and a daughter.  At 56 years old Jonathan loves the outdoors. He and his wife Betty have volunteered in the PADS (Public Assistance to Deliver Shelter) program for many years and Jonathan is very active with Scouts. "Scouting is about helping others and was a natural extension of my desire to contribute."  The Challenge helps Jonathan to continue to educate and support these children.

Erika is studying nursing at Southern Illinois University.  She loves being active, being outside, and traveling- which is why she is so excited to have this opportunity to climb Mount Kili!

Her climb is in memory of her father who passed away 3 years ago from a rare disease called Amyloidosis.

Bill has been involved with the Foundation since it started in 2006.  He and his wife sponsor three students that attend the school.  “Whether I make it to Uhuru Peak isn’t important.  What is important is that you learn about a little town called Mailisita in Tanzania and a school there called Stella Maris.  There are real people there, working their farms, worried about their children and their jobs, just like us.”