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Man-Eaters of Tsavo

Lions are rightfully feared and respected throughout the world; however, none commanded more respect than the famed Man-Eaters of Tsavo.  The building of the Kenya-Uganda railway nearly came to a standstill in 1898 when railway workers started being dragged from their tents at night and devoured by two lions.

The surviving workers believed that the lions were ghosts, which stopped the railway bridge over the Tsavo River.  The workers setup traps, but the lions continued to strike by finding the weaknesses in the camps defenses.    Finally the two lions were trapped and killed, one taking six bullets to bring him down.  It is believed that the two lions killed some 135 workers in less than a year.

Tsavo can be reached from Nairobi or Mombasa by car or by scheduled flights from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport. 

Tsavo Accommodations