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Mount Kenya National Park

One of many World Heritage Sites, Mount Kenya reaches 17,057 feet, making it the second largest Mountain in Africa.  Mount Kenya consists of three principal zones: the lower gentle slopes, covered with mountain forest and bamboo jungles; the alpine zone, distinct with its giant vegetation; and the rock peak area, covered with glaciers and snow fields.  Considered the most difficult to summit, Mount Kenya attracts a wide range of Trekkers looking to conquer her.

The year round wildlife includes Baboon, Bongo, Buffalo, Civet, Colobus, Spotted Hyena, Elephant, Black-backed Jackal, Side-striped Jackal, Leopard, Lion, Porcupine, Black Rhinoceros, Otter, and Mongoose, among others. 

Mount Kenya is located 95 miles to the North of Nairobi.  The National Park is accessible by car (2 hours from Nairobi) or by scheduled flights from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport.

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