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Nyungwe Forest National Park

The Nyungwe Forest is one of the planets great forests.  The biodiversity is spectacular with over 1000 species of plants, 275 bird species, 85 mammal species, 70 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 13 species of primates.  Many of the species are endemic to this forest.

Home to the only canopy walk in East Africa, Nyungwe attracts visitors with this unique way to explore the biodiversity, particularly the playful primates and the beautiful variety of orchids that live in the canopy of the forest. 

The 378 sq. miles that make up Nyungwe Forest National park can be found 140 miles South West of Kigali.  The park can be reached via a beautiful 5 hour drive or by daily flight from Kigali.

Nyungwe  Accommodations