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Our Team

Léopold Abessolo – Operations Coordinator

After completing his training as a park ranger, Léopold went deep into the Cameroonian jungles.  There he established an NGO that worked to protect the natural environment by alleviating the needs of the local populations.  He led a very successful Savings and Loan Project, as well as designing an animal husbandry center that would shift bush meat demands by providing cheap domestic meat.

Léopold returned to school, earning a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management.  He then entered into the hospitality industry serving as Assistant HR Manager, and then the Purchasing Manager for a hotel chain operating across Africa. Léopold brings a great attitude to E-Trip Africa.

Unsurpassed dedication to meeting the needs of every client, while maintaining integrity by always adhering to our policies concerning safety, environmental protection, and community relations, Léopold is a shining example of the generation that will soon lead Africa out of poverty.

Kilian  -  Apprentice

Kilian’s interest in animals started from before he could even crawl.  Among his first words were Dog and Gecko, which are still his favorites.  He loves spending time outdoors watching birds, chasing insects, catching frogs, looking for chameleons, and playing with the dogs.  He has a keen eye, providing valuable insight on accommodations and how they host families.

Kilian enjoys traveling, meeting people and trying new things.  He reminds us of what is important in life; Eating, Sleeping, and Having Fun.  His intensity is motivating and his ability to say WOW at just the right moment always provides a good laugh.

August Njau – Kilimanjaro Guide

August has been leading groups up Kilimanjaro for the last 7 years.  He started like most guides, as a porter.  His cunning instincts on the mountain and tested problem solving abilities helped him build a strong reputation as a leader amongst his climbing team. 

His exceptional abilities are supplemented by yearly trainings in First Aid, Mountaineering, and Wilderness Survival courses. 

Ayko Casper – Kilimanjaro Guide

Casper grew up around the mountain.  His first trek as a lead guide was five years ago.  Since then he has lead over 100 expeditions up the mountain.  He enjoys soccer and dreams of leading the FC Barcelona club up the mountain one day.

While Capser is well versed in all of the routes up the mountain, he is one of the most experienced guides for the lesser traveled and more difficult Umbwe Route.  This route requires a special amount of motivation to make it to the summit, which is not only rewarding for the climber but also for the team that has worked hard to providing both technical and moral support along the way.

James Gesimba Gambares – Kilimanjaro Guide

James has been working on Kilimanjaro over the past 6 years.  As a natural leader with an outgoing personality, James quickly stood out and moved up the ranks of the team.  During the past few seasons James has balanced his studies with Mountain Guiding, he works with during school breaks and which allows him to finance his studies.

As a true academic, James not only helps climbers conquer the mountain but manages to pass on a great deal of his knowledge.

Prosper Siayako – Kilimanjaro Guide

Prosper is one of our newest guides.  Working as a porter and cook for many years, having trekked the mountain countless times.  His exceptional leadership and motivation set him apart from the rest of his colleagues.  Always at the top of the class in First Aid & Mountaineering, he prefers to spend his time on the mountain taking in the fresh air and beautiful views.

Trekking Crew #3


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