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Samburu, Buffalo Springs, Shaba

The Samburu area of Kenya is one of the countries lesser known gems.  The area is home to three national reserves (Samburu, Buffalo Springs, & Shaba).  While these reserves are not well known, they have an unsurpassed beauty.  Shaba, the least visited, has amazing landscapes of rocky hills, natural springs and palms.  The Samburu people are possibly one of the more interesting tribes in Kenya.  Similar to Maasai, Samburu speak Maa and are traditional animal herders.  The Samburu warrior is the most feared by Kenyans.

Many of Kenya’s more known species are found in this area.  But more importantly are the animals that you will not find in most other regions.  These include the blue-legged Somali ostrich, reticulated giraffes, majestic beisa oryxe, and the rather odd looking gerenuk.

The Samburu area is about 200 miles to the North of Nairobi, accessible by car (5-6 hours from Nairobi) or by scheduled flights from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport.

Samburu Accommodations