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Swahili Coast

The romance of Kenya is quite possibly its coast, a land as notable for its history as for its crystal clear waters and endless beaches.   The mix of Africa, India and Arabia impacted this region for over one thousand years before the European colonization.  The interlacing of cultures is most exemplified by the Swahili themselves, one of the most mixed ethnicities in Africa.

The beautiful coast is not only home to the Swahili, but the Mijikenda, a Bantu tribe migrated to the area more than six hundred years ago.  This tribe has such a special connection with the forest they live in; you might think that the Mijikenda are the inspiration for James Cameron’s Na’vi.

The coast can be reached by car from Nairobi (6 hours) or by scheduled flight from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport.  International flights arrive and depart from Mombasa, making the Swahili coast an ideal starting or ending place for any Safari.

Swahili Coast Accommodations