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Akagera National Park

Akagera is one of the most diverse and scenic landscapes in East Africa. The park has three distinct eco-regions; savannah, mountain, and swamp. The park is named for the Kegera River, which flows along the Eastern boundary and feed numerous lakes inside the park. Located along the Tanzania border, there is a much different feel to this park than the rest of Rwanda.

The park is known for big game. Large herds of Elephant, Topi, and Buffalo can be found along the lake shores. Also home to Spotted Hyena, Leopard, Lions, Hippo, and Crocodiles, the national park has a closer resemblance to Tanzania than Rwanda. Recent plans have been approved for the reintroduction of the Black Rhino.

The 465 sq. miles that make up Akagera National park can be found 70 miles East of Kigali along Rwanda’s Eastern border. The park is accessible two hours by car from Kigali.

Akagera Accommodations