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Our Team

The E-Trip Africa team, of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals, comes from a variety of backgrounds and experiences which combine to create a special synergy.  We have carefully selected our team of travel professions to ensure that we are able to design and operate exciting tours while adhering to our commitment to sustainable tourism, local communities, and environmental protection.

We pride ourselves in providing you with the highest caliber guides, safest drivers, and best cooks.  Our specialized training program identifies motivated individuals and provides them with the opportunity to supplement their qualifications and improve their abilities.

Our Management

Aurélie Sivadier – Executive Director

Aurélie was born and studied in France before heading to Spain to work as a Project Manager for the logistics of international fairs and exhibits. In 2008 Aurélie went to Africa for the first time.  She discovered Cameroon, a country with customs and people of a thousand colors. Returning with only one goal in mind: to return to this continent with undeniable magnetism.

Understanding that we cannot know a country and its people in the space of a few weeks of travel, Aurélie decided to live in Africa and finally packed her bags. Eventually arriving in Tanzania, she discovers not only a country of exceptional nature, but also its friendly and resourceful population.

Passionate about travel, new discoveries and adventures, she decides to create E-Trip Africa as a way to share her expertise to travelers wishing to discover Africa. Aurélie uses her organizational skills, coordination of operations and field experience to prepare each trip in detail. Travelers only need to enjoy their trip of a lifetime!

Mathieu Lahalle – Director of Finance

Mat joined the team when we started developing E-Trip Africa.  He comes to Worldwide Travel Group after a successful carrier in Finance which took him around the world, living and working in Australia, France, Singapore, and eventually Hong Kong, where he resides today. Having studied in the United States and in France, Mat holds a Masters Degree in Management & Finance.  He is actively involved in the business community, preparing to open his first restaurant in Hong Kong.  Not only does Mat bring great financial & management experience to the group, he is an avid outdoorsman who loves to travel.

Ben Jennings – General Manager

Ben’s passion for wildlife and the outdoors began at a young age.  By the time he was 8, he was assisting in caring and rehabilitating injured wildlife.  Almost every weekend he would be out exploring the great Rocky Mountains.  Ben caught the travel bug and at the age of 15, when he organized his first trip to Europe.  After finishing his university degree, Ben took to the road as the tour manager for a group of Tibetan Monks traveling the United States.  42 States and 83,241 miles later, Ben decided it was time to  stop living  out  of a  suitcase.  He then spent the next 5 years managing a small group of independent restaurants.  But the travel bug bit again.

Ben was ready to get out of the comfort zone and do some real good in the world, so he joined the U.S. Peace Corps and was sent Cameroon, where he became a Small Enterprise Development agent deep in the jungles of the Eastern Province.  After his service was finished, Ben stayed in Cameroon accepting the position of Director General of one of the largest agricultural firms operating in the country.

Ben then went to Barcelona, where he worked as a consultant for several international organizations and tourism firms.  The opportunity to return to Africa was too strong and Ben accepted the position of Operations Manager for a large group of companies in East Africa.  Managing 20 overland trucks, 4 mobile camps in the Serengeti and building 2 camps in Masai Mara gave Ben the opportunity to develop a vast knowledge base of East African tourism.

With his passion and drive, Ben provides exceptional leadership for our team.  His sense of adventure, enthusiasm for wildlife, and love for Africa is infectious.


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This affordable field guide features full-color photos of 475 common species of bird, mammal, snake, lizard, insect, tree, and flower.  Perfect for Safari.

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