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Rwanda, The Land of a Thousand Hills ...

Rwanda is a green undulating landscape of hills, gardens and tea plantations. It offers visiters a one of a kind journey - home to one third of the world remaining Mountain Gorillas, one third of Africa's birds species, several species of primates, volcanoes, game reserve, resorts and islands on the expansive lake Kivu, graceful dancers, artistic crafts and friendly people.

Find out more information about Kenya’s geography, climate, populations, ethnicity, politics, religion, and economy. 

Explore Rwanda’s 3 National Parks and 3 Forest Reserves.  With 917 sq miles of protected areas nearly 8% of Rwanda's terretory is protected.

Essential information about traveling in Rwanda.  Our experts tell you everything you need to know to insure that you are prepared for your great adventure.

Travel like an expert, with Tips from the experts.  Our Travel Tips have been designed to help you make the most of your vacation and more importantly experience safe and hassle-free travels.

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