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E-Trip Africa's Stay Connected Program

E-Trip Africa knows how important it is to stay connected while you are away on vacation.  There is nothing worse than arriving in an unknown land to find that you phone does not work, even though your service provider assured you it would.  We know what it is like to get home to find unbelievable telephone bill waiting for you, shocked that those few responses to urgent work messages via your BlackBerry managed to cost over $1000 in roaming fees.

To take the stress out of your travels, we have developed the Stay Connected Program.  E-Trip Africa clients are given the complementary use of a Cellular Telephone and a USB Modem during their Tour.  The telephone is equipped with a local number that will be sent to you prior to your departure.  You will be able to receive calls for free, or purchase airtime from a local supplier and make calls or connect to the internet.

Depending on where your Tour starts, service for your phone will be supplied by one of our preferred operators.   And no worries if you are visiting multiple countries in East Africa, as our partners do not charge roaming fees while in other countries within the Region.

Airtime may be purchased from local shops.  In some cases our guides also can sell you communication credit.  Sorry, but we can’t compensate you for any unused portion of credit that has been added to the telephone.

At the end of the Tour the Client shall return the devices in good working order.  Failure to return the telephone or modem, or damage to either item will result in a charge to the Client not to exceed $50 per item.  

Please notify us at customer.service@etripafrica.com in advance of your departure if you do not want to participate in the Stay Connected Program.