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Total Lunar Eclipse Summit

On September 28, 2015 Kilimanjaro Climbers will be treated to a rare Full Lunar Eclipses that will be visible from Mt. Kilimanjaro and most of Tanzania.  On an average year there are one or two Full Lunar Eclipses, however your location will determine whether the Eclipse will be visible.  The last Full Lunar Eclipse that could be seen from Mt. Kilimanjaro was on June 15, 2011 and the next one will not be until July 27-28 of 2018, followed by one that will occur on Sept 7, 2025.

During a Total Lunar Eclipse the Sun, Earth, and Moon form a straight line.  As the Moon comes into alignment it enters the shadow created by the Earth called the Umbra.  Even though the Earth blocks direct sunlight from reaching the surface of the Moon, the Moon is still visible to the naked eye, and actually turn’s red creating the legendary Blood Moon.  This is caused by the Earth’s atmosphere which refracts the sunlight, bending particular wave lengths at different angles (like when rain refracts light to create a rainbow).  The red light casts on the surface of the Moon, making it appear red.

To make your once in a lifetime trek even more memorable, E-Trip Africa will run several Group Treks via different routes that culminate with our summit attempt that will take place during the Lunar Eclipse.  If you would like to organize a private trek for your group to summit or climb during the Total Lunar  Eclipse, please contact us.

Total Lunar Eclipse from Mount Kilimanjaro on Monday, September 28th, 2015

• At 03:13 Penumbral Eclipse Begins
• At 04:12 Partial Eclipse Begins
• At 05:13 Full Eclipse Begins
• At 05:47 Maximum Eclipse
• At 06:22 Moonset